Cosmetic Dentistry 

Standard Implants

Surgeries requiring no bone regeneration for implant placement

Patients should send diagnostic tests (blood tests, X-rays or CT scans) already performed to Meditar, to maximize time and minimize costs. If they are not available, all required tests can be performed in one day.

Surgeries use only the most cutting-edge equipment, dental instruments and implants. Heart rate, pulse and oxygen levels are monitored during the entire surgery. All the physicians performing the surgeries hold degrees in oral implantology.

Patients are given a surgery report describing implant position, product batch numbers, international affiliate offices and distributors information to consult in the rare case of an implant-related emergency.

Our providers use the CEREC 3D, the latest CAD-CAM (computer-assisted design and manufacturing) equipment from Germany, to manufacture and place attractive, long-lasting, pure porcelain crowns, veneers and inlays in a single session, without the need for diagnostic casts or temporary crowns.

  • Teeth whitening

Using top-rate products, whitening is performed in a one-hour session and may be continued by the patient at home for one or two additional weeks.

  • Composite fillings

These procedures are performed to replace old fillings; close gaps between teeth; or treat neck injuries (cervical), tooth decay or other conditions.

  • Veneers

Veneers can be made of porcelain (metal-free), using the CEREC system described above, or pre-made resin.

  • Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the most modern and accurate software to show patients how their smile will look after a cosmetic dental procedure. A 2D computer design based on a series of photos taken following a specific protocol is made into a 3D plaster cast, enabling patients to “try on” and see what their future smile will look like.